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LOFTER Team and Values define who we are. We are guided by our values of Passion, Vitality, Originality, Quality, and Sustainability, together with our management team’s leadership; the Group is breaking new grounds and reaching new heights.


Japan has a comprehensive scheme for implementing this tool under its Urban Redevelopment Law. This scheme allows landowners, tenants, and developers to use the opportunity of new transit development in built-up areas to create development opportunities. The government helps with and benefits from this process by changing zoning codes from residential to mixed-use, while also allowing for up-zoning. For details of this scheme, see box below.

The URA motto is “We help owners to help themselves”. Since 2004, the URA has been providing assistance to owners so as to encourage them to undertake proper repair and maintenance of buildings, making their homes safer and better. Various schemes have assisted owners of about 145,000 units in over 2,600 buildings to start building rehabilitation work.

The URA has implemented over 60 redevelopment projects, providing about 26,000 square metres of open space, some 53,000 square metres of Government/Institution and Community facilities as well as about 18,000 new residential units and approximately 400,000 square metres of commercial areas.

While URA retains the statutory responsibilities for urban renewal under the URA Ordinance, the Housing Society will undertake the acquisition of properties required for the project, rehousing of tenants affected and the subsequent construction and the disposal of the new buildings at the site. It will also be responsible for all costs involved as well as the financial outcome of the projects.

The consultation was structured as a discussion of the evidence on environmental and health impacts of remediation, a review of European redevelopment case studies and a reflection on the applicability of impact assessment tools during remediation and redevelopment processes. Summarizing the conclusions, this report identifies good practices and important elements that should be considered for remediation and redevelopment projects.

Under the MOU, the Housing Society initially took up five projects clustered in Sham Shui Po and two in Shau Kei Wan in line with the policies of the URA. Subsequently, the industrial project in Shau Kei Wan was returned to URA.

As of March 2016, a total of 69 redevelopment projects have been commenced by the URA, providing around 23,000 new flats and about 75,000m2 is devoted to various community facilities.

Through redevelopment, the URA replaces dilapidated buildings with modern and sustainable living environment, so as to provide wider social and economic benefits for districts as a whole.

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elizepark | 極緻優質學府Elize PARK

優質學府一直以來都是教育界和社會的焦點。它們代表著教育的最高水平,提供卓越的學術資源和環境,培養出優秀的學生。本文將深入探討優質學府的意義和含義,並著重介紹三所香港優秀的學府:中華基督教會協和小學、拔萃男書院和華仁書院(九龍)。 追求卓越:優質學府的魅力 優質學府是指那些在教育領域卓越出色的學校或機構。它們在多個方面表現優越,包括教學質量、師資水平、學術資源、學生成就、設施和學術研究等。這些學府的


香港,這座繁華的都市,不僅擁有繽紛多彩的現代都市風光,還有豐富的自然資源和美麗的花卉景點。在這片土地上,你可以找到各種各樣的花園、公園和自然保護區,提供了賞花愛好者和遊客們一個絕佳的機會,欣賞到香港多姿多彩的花卉風光。 首先,香港公園(Hong Kong Park)是一個城市中心的綠洲,佔地總面積超過80,000平方米,內有多個花園和特色區域。在香港公園內,你可以欣賞到各種花卉植物,包括色彩繽紛的

Elize Park極緻交通樞紐 | elizepark

交通樞紐,是城市生活中的重要元素,為人們提供了便捷的交通方式,並將城市的不同地區連接在一起。在香港,太子站和旺角東站兩個重要的交通樞紐,扮演了不可或缺的角色。這篇文章將深入探討交通樞紐的意義和影響,特別關注這兩個關鍵地點。 交通樞紐的定義和重要性 交通樞紐是城市中的交通中心,通常是不同交通方式(如地鐵、巴士、火車、有軌電車等)交匯的地方。它們不僅提供了轉乘的便利,還連接了城市的各個部分,為居民和遊

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