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Founded in 2012, LOFTER GROUP LIMITED is one of the renowned property developers based in Hong Kong. As a premium brand infused with love in architecture, LOFTER GROUP's core business is to develop exceptional and high-quality residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties.

For enterprise leaders looking to resource projects in this new world, crowdsourcing offers a unique opportunity to inject creativity into what was previously highly structured project work.

樂風夥施羅德資本等外資逾15億收購尖沙咀舊樓 計劃重建甲廈

INJECT is a free digital tool that can help stimulate journalists’ creativity by providing them with a variety of perspectives on a specified topic. Journalists can use it as an idea generator, a suggestion machine, or an inspiration tool that can help them find innovative ways to tell their story.

This comprehensive collection of innovative Adobe Spark projects is a creative shot-in-the- arm for anyone seeking to diversify the digital learning artifacts produced in their classrooms. Ben and Monica provide proper insight and inspiration to get learners of all ages creating and communicating original media content. Their detailed lessons are easy-to-follow and ready-to-use tomorrow. -- Andy Leiser, Elementary Integration Specialist, Hastings, Minnesota

I have admired the work of both Monica and Ben for years. In this book, they have created an incredible compilation of the creative power of Adobe Spark tools, that will allow readers to start integrating technology in a powerful way, right away! Each lesson gives teachersthe capacity to offer their students (and themselves!) a chance to creatively express theirknowledge and ideas.

The projects infuse technology in a way that promotes student voice and choice and allows their learning to be presented in creative and meaningful ways. The emphasis on reflection, collaboration, and strong visual communication skills makes this book a true gem in an EdTech space that is many times focused on digitizing worksheets or simple updates to analog practice.

Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabbi and Author of Educated by Design

Teachers want to teach, and students want to learn, skills that map to 21st century careers. Adobe Spark has struck a nerve because it helps build visual communication and problem- solving skills by making creation fast, fun, and frictionless. It has been so gratifying to see the impact that Spark has had in the classroom, and Monica Burns and Ben Forta have beenguiding educators from Day 1. This book will let you benefit from their insights and help you get the most out of Spark, regardless of your task or curricular objective. -- Aubrey Cattell, VP, Adobe Spark + CC Education

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奧運會項目-網球 (Tennis)發展過程

發展過程: 網球運動起源於法國的中世紀遊戲“jeu de paume”,這是一種用手掌擊球的遊戲。到了16世紀,法國國王亨利四世時期,這項運動逐漸演變為使用拍子擊球,並且傳入英國。19世紀中期,現代網球的雛形在英國草地上誕生,並迅速普及。 早期發展 1874年,英國少校沃爾特·克洛普頓·溫菲爾德(Walter Clopton Wingfield)制定了網球的早期規則,並申請了專利,這是現代網球的開


在全球對環境保護和可持續發展的關注日益增強的背景下,電動車(EV)產業正迅速崛起,成為未來十年內最具潛力的行業之一。隨著各國政府推動減碳政策和新能源汽車補貼計劃的實施,電動車的普及率正在迅速提高。隨之而來的是對電動車充電基礎設施的巨大需求。因此,電動車充電站的建設和運營成為一門必發的生意,為企業和投資者提供了豐厚的市場機會。 首先,電動車市場的爆發式增長是推動充電站需求的重要因素。根據國際能源署(


香港在過去十年中積極推動科技創新,試圖在全球數碼經濟浪潮中尋找新的經濟增長點和競爭優勢。作為一個國際金融中心和自由貿易港,香港在科技創新領域具有獨特的優勢,包括自由開放的市場環境、完善的法律制度和世界一流的科研資源。 香港特區政府在近年來加大了對創新科技的投入力度。2015年,政府成立了創新及科技局,專責推動科技創新政策和計劃。2018年,政府推出了《智慧城市藍圖》,旨在通過智慧交通、智慧醫療、智


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