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lofter_search LOFTER GROUP 樂風集團

Are you searching for LOFTER GROUP 樂風集團? We are a property developer in Hong Kong set up 10 years ago. Founded in 2012, LOFTER GROUP LIMITED (the “Group”) is one of the renowned property developers based in Hong Kong. As a premium brand infused with love in architecture, LOFTER GROUP's core business is to develop exceptional and high-quality residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties. The Group vows to accommodate the needs of a diverse market and dynamic social policies, while maintaining a good balance between profitability, responsibility and sustainability. The Group has been actively exploring a variety of opportunities for developing urban renewal projects across core districts of Hong Kong, with key focus on Grade A Commercial and Luxury Residential Projects.

LOFTER GROUP works on the following 4 types of Projects:

  • Residential Developments

  • Commercial Developments

  • Modern Industrial Developments

  • Conversion Projects

At the beginning of the operation, Conversion Projects are the major focus of the company. As of today, there are 19 Supreme Workshops among different districts in Hong Kong. The flagship workshop is LOFTER LEGEND which is only 3 minutes walking distance from MTR station. LOFTER LEGEND is strategically located in the heart of the Kowloon East CBD, neighbouring a cluster of major shopping malls like Telford Plaza, Millennium City and Mega Box. The Hoi Bun Road development area, one of the most sought-after locations, is seeing rapid revitalisation from an old industrial zone into a modern commercial centre as a result of its transforming local economy.

Plenty of revitalisation projects and new developments are underway in this area. The landmark project ONE BAY EAST, a grade-A office and retail tower, is generating foot traffic and consumption. Developers like Wheelock Properties, Link REIT, Nan Fung Group and a subsidiary of Singapore’s Temasek Holdings have acquired sites here, in an effort to build this area into another prime location for grade-A office buildings after Central. With the Hoi Bun Road area becoming a hub of many international financial organisations, its property value is sure to soar.

Boosted by billion-dollar projects like Energizing Kowloon East and the Kai Tak Development, East Kowloon has stepped into a phase of rapid growth. The Hoi Bun Road area in particular is set to prosper as a new, vibrant location within ten years.

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在香港房地產市場進行成功的投資需要研究和仔細規劃。香港物業的價格在過去十年中一直在上漲,如果投資者在投資時做出正確的決定,從長遠來看,它可以盈利。與任何市場一樣,進入這個市場既有利也有弊,但通過一些戰略決策,精明的投資者可以從投資香港房地產中獲利。 最大化投資回報的一種方法是投資施工前的房產。施工前的房產為投資者提供了一個很好的機會,可以利用未來潛在的房產價值增長。通過在建築物完工之前投資建築物,

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